Now THIS is music

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Could dance all night to these jams.

Que bueno

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Amo este video.

This is Love

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This is Love

My Grandma and Grandpa on New Year’s Eve, 2013. My grandma brought the eye patch and pirate hat because my grandpa had recently had a stroke and could not open his eye.

Brief Social Conversation Analysis: Mavs vs. Heat

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I did not watch the NBA finals this year – live sports is the one area that I miss out on by not having a TV – but I did watch social conversation as my friends hated on Bron Bron. I don’t have a real opinion either way. I used to like Lebron and I thought it was fascinating how fast he turned the Cavs into a title contender. But once he started playing on the Heat I couldn’t watch because I find Chris Bosh hard to look at. Plus, I think the purchased talent such as the Heat and Celtics cheapens the thrill of the sport. This is generally, one of the reasons that I like college sports more than professional sports – you only have one Alma Mater, Cam Newton aside.

I have done a brief unscientific analysis of Twitter conversation. Mainly I am interested in seeing who people are rooting for – the Heat or Mavs. My hypothesis is that people  love to hate the Heat. I have broken the analysis down into two pieces. First, conversation of “Go Mavs” (and variants) to “Go Heat” (and variants). This is admittedly simplistic, but shows fan sentiment – if you include “Go Heat” in a Tweet, you are clearly a Heat fan. This will miss a lot of conversation for both teams, but yields results that are representative of overall conversation.

The second analysis shows mentions of the Heat to mentions of the Mavs. Heat conversation includes mentions of Heat players, including nicknames such as Bron Bron. The same is true for the Mavs. The problem with this is that a lot of conversation is just anti-Heat chatter. So if someone sends a Tweet that says “Can I get a binky for baby Bron Bron?” it would be anti-Heat, but would increase Heat conversation overall. And would not mention the Mavs.

Here we go.

Go Mavs vs. Go Heat

Generally what we see here is that prior to the Finals, there were more Heat fans than Mavs fans. The first time that we see the Go Mavs conversation overtake the Go Heat convo, it was the night that the Heat beat Chicago, meaning that the world knew that the Mavs were the last defense against a Heat championship. This, combined with overall higher conversation for the Mavs between that point and the end of the playoffs, indicates that the world was generally rooting for the Mavs over the Heat.

Mavs total conversation vs. Heat total conversation

This graph, as mentioned earlier, just compares total conversation around the Heat vs. Mavs. Note that these sample sets are not mutually exclusive. So this shows what people are most interested in – the Heat or the Mavs (and their associated players) – whether good or bad. So Heat conversation is “Go Heat” or “Heat, burn in hell.” What we see in the chart below is that most people talking about the game today were talking about the Heat, not about the Mavs, even though we see in the chart above that there are many more Mavs fans than Heat fan talking on Twitter. This means that we have a lot of anti-Heat conversation filling in the logical gaps in the data.

An interesting insight into the human psyche – see that first peak in conversation? Not where the game started, but where the 2nd-quarter scuffle broke out. Ah, how we love conflict.

Quick review of Vidpresso: Slideshare and video in lockstep

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So I wanted to do a lightning review of a new video share technology that is in Beta right now, Vidpresso. The overarching idea is that you can sync slides from a presentation to a video on YouTube or Vimeo. This probably makes the most sense in an academic or professional setting where audio/video would make more sense if they were accompanied by some visual aids, and vice versa. It would be especially nice for online tutorials, especially from the standpoint where you can jump from one slide to the next (in the Details tab) and it will automatically take you to the corresponding position in the video.

Another way that this could be used would be to provide notes/feedback on a video that is in production/currently being previewed by a company. So a production company sends a video draft to clients and asks for feedback. The clients could watch the video, make comments in a slide deck, and then sync those slides to the video in Vidpresso and send back for revisions. May be a bit clunky for that purpose, but I think there’s possibility there, especially if there were an interface where you could create slides on Vidpresso that would then sync to Slideshare (not sure if Slideshare has an open API … prolly not) and as such to the video.

The product is definitely still in Beta, so a few UX pieces that need to be worked out. For example, I kept on getting error messages when I tried to create a new presentation. Turns out I just had to give the presentation a unique name to create a new one. But once a presentation is created, I couldn’t figure out how to go in and edit it. Small things like that I’m sure will be ironed out over time. And the resolution on the slides is hardly legible at times, but I wonder if that is an issue with Slideshare as much as Vidpresso. Not sure.

In brief, I’d say that the platform is promising and could have a lot of interesting applications for anyone in instructional fields who need a quick and dirty way to get slides and videos synced. There are some more elegant, but more complicated, solutions out there such as Echo360 for education (note: Echo360 is a former client), but the barrier of entry for those solutions is going to be infinitely higher.

Screenshot of the experience below, with the complete experience at I randomly selected a video of a cute Frenchie and then built slides around it, in case you didn’t guess that.

My five micro-seconds of fame on Pinterest

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This is perhaps one of my proudest moments recently. Last night I put together this little bike mosaic on Pinterest. It was RT’ed by @Pinterest and a handful of other folks. I am still trying to develop a sense of personal style so I don’t embarrass myself by pinning things like pleated khakis, so until I do, this is what my Pinterest is.

Anyways, just patting myself on the back while I have the chance to do so. Now to go out and buy this bike and a sense of personal style.

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Easily make a fan-gated Facebook welcome tab

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Facebook is an excellent tool for smaller brands who are just trying to get started among a small group of very active fans. It is also a nice tool for big brands with millions of dollars to spend on making their page and immersive, interactive experience. Unfortunately, small brands just don’t have the budget to create those same experiences. Often times their Business pages just look like a basic personal page, especially when they are managed by poor liberal arts degrees like me.

I want to run through an easy way to create a nice, effective welcome tab that is fan-gated (meaning that only people who Like the page can see the content on the tab) and can direct traffic to other relevant online properties for a brand. This is all free and very, very easy to do. I have run through the paces on my own personal “Business page.”

Step 1: Go to the TabPress Application on Facebook and click Like.

Step 2: On the TabPress Application page, click “Add to My Page” and add the Business page to which you’d like to add the application.

Step 3: Select the business page you’d like to add it to from the list of pages that you manage.

Step 4: Go to your business page and click on the TabPress application.

Step 5: This will open up a couple of dialogue boxes into which we will insert some HTML snippets, described later. After this step, we will be doing some visual design. But leave this tab open.

Step 6: Create the visual design for your Fan-gated tab. This is something you’d sit down with your graphics design department to do it you have one. But I’m assuming that you don’t, so we’ll do it in the non-graphic designer’s best friend – PowerPoint. Create a “canvas” that you will be working from, which will just be a box that will fit onto the welcome tab. Tabs on Facebook will live in a 520-pixel-wide space. Since PPT doesn’t measure in Pixels, set the dimensions of your box as 4.13″ high by 3.11″ wide. Add simple text and an image or two if you’d like to this canvas. In the end, it should be something basic that says in a nutshell: “Like us.” Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like in PPT for what I am designing. Using a puppy since it is so darned cute.

Step 7: Save the design as an image by right-clicking and grouping all elements, and then right-clicking and selecting “save as an image.”

Step 6: Upload the image of your design to an online photo album. I use Photbucket, but it could be anything similar. Just need to put the photo online somewhere you can get a direct link. Get the direct link.

Step 7: Add the welcome page to the TabPress application. Paste the following code into the box that says “Enter content for non-fans”: <img src=”ENTER THE DIRECT LINK TO THE WELCOME TAB HERE“</a> Take the direct link to your welcome tab image and paste it over where I have “ENTER THE DIRECT LINK TO THE WELCOME TAB HERE”. Once you have done this, the fan-gated part of your welcome tab should be ready to go. Click Save on the application.

Step 8: Create the visual design for your actual welcome tab (after people have Liked your page). The process for creating this tab will be similar to the process for the fan-gate. Go to PPT, make a 3.11″-wide box pretty. Give information about your business, thanks them for liking your page, etc. Then, save the design as an image and upload it to an online photo album. With this tab, we are going to take one more step – image mapping the tab (see next step).

Step 9: Image map your welcome tab. Image mapping refers to adding links into certain parts of an image. So if my landing tab has an image of my wife and I want to link to her Facebook page when people click on her, I can do that. The best way to understand how this will work is by referring to the image below, my welcome tab being image-mapped. It is very easy to do – just go to and paste in the link to your tab on Photobucket (or whatever photo share site you choose). The site will display the image and then give you options to create new links that are mapped to parts of the image. Here’s what my links look like:

Step 10: Click the Generate HTML code from and paste it into the Enter Content for Fans box on the TabPress application page (the box below the Enter content for non-fans box which you have already used). Once you paste in this code, just hit “save” and your welcome tab will be up, running and ready to go.

Rapture is a fraud. But if not …

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So according to the highly reputable and un-false prophet Harold Camping, the world will end tomorrow. I guess there is no way for me to know for sure that it won’t but I am pretty sure that we’re good. After all, it is already May 21 in New York and it’s not the end of the world there yet. And since the world rotates around New York, I have a good feeling I’ll wake up tomorrow morning all in one piece. In fact, my secret hope is that this whole Rapture thing is one big Axe body spray viral campaign. How great would that be?

But I digress. What it got me to thinking was what I would do tonight if I knew that the world were going to end tomorrow. I did eat a delicious mango and spend the night with my wife – that I wouldn’t change. But I would have done more with it. I would have flown to Europe because I’ve never been. (Logistically, I actually probably would have flown to Hawaii since that is the last time zone before the international dateline, so I’d be around for another few hours. If I were in Florence I’d be many hours gone by now.)

As I rack my brain to think of what I would have done, all I can think of are experiences as opposed to things. Places I wish to be, people I wish to be with, thrills that I wish to have sought. I have never considered myself a particularly materialistic person, except for a brief lapse of judgement where I bought a genuine pair of Wayfarers, but I think I see it more clearly now. Experiences over stuff.

For a brief period of time, my lovely wife became very passionate about a blog called the The Zero Waste Home. Basically, it chronicles the life of a California family that doesn’t produce any waste. Things like bringing their own containers to the butcher to put meat in instead of plastic wrap, etc. I love the idea, although Oreos unfortunately only come pre-packaged, so I’m out of luck pursuing that life on a long-term basis. I also find it a bit ironic that they live a couple of hours outside of LA, where the husband commutes for two hours to get to work. At $4.30 a gallon on gasoline, that is very wastey.

Anyways, one of the things that the family advocates is giving experiences as gifts instead of things so that those things don’t eventually go to waste. The more I think about this, the more I believe in it. To this day I remember my birthday party where my mom took me and Ryan Harrell to PoJos although I don’t remember what I received on that birthday. I remember more distinctly every Thanksgiving dinner at home in Boise or at my aunt and uncle’s place in Boston or with distant family in Carmel better than I do opening presents on Christmas morning.

So if I do get Raptured tomorrow, I want you all to know today that I care more about you people in my life and the experiences that I shared with you than the trinkets cluttering up my closet. So thanks for making my life delightful, regardless of when the world will end.

Prairie Dog Rapture, that is

Hijacked from Prairie dog rapture.

Recognize my face please

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The last few days there has been a bit of buzz around the tech world about a statement from Eric Schmidt of Google about how he finds the use of facial recognition “very concerning.” This has been countered by patents already filed by Google for facial recognition software. I also listened to an interesting conversation on Technology News Today about that very topic – whether there is reason to be concerned. The folks at TNT – including my good friend Randall Bennet, who is working on an interesting new venture called vidpresso – make a good point. Of all the privacy concerns out there, facial recognition is the least of them. Let the world know what I look like, just don’t let it know my social security number.

Today as I was trying to figure out this Lady Gaga Starbucks QR Code adventure and was asked to log in to my Facebook account, I thought of the best use of facial recognition. Why can’t my front-facing camera on my iPhone log me into Facebook as opposed to me fumbling through an email and password? Similarly, why can’t I sit down in front of my computer and have it automatically log me in? Once my tech devices start recognizing who I am and no longer require that I give them passwords, I will be a happy man. To be honest, this is my philanthropic idea to save frustrated Starbucks baristas from the frustration of hundreds of customers who are too distracted by trying to log in to their accounts to figure out what the hell this Lady Gaga thing is – both the campaign and Lady Gaga itself.

I suppose this could become a problem when a person, for example, gains so much weight they no longer look like their former more svelte self. So not only could you not fit into your car, but you also wouldn’t be able to Facebook about it. Certainly some kinks to be worked out still, but I for one would be entirely in favor of the technology.

Seriously, when someone figures out what it is, let me know.

Queen Anne’s latest gold mine: Menchie’s

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Several months ago a new frozen yogurt chain, Menchie’s, opened up on top of Queen Anne. Queen Anne is kind of an interesting place for retail and restaurants. You don’t get the same kind of foot traffic you get in Capitol Hill or Ballard, and it is generally an older group of people other than Seattle Pacific students, who generally will jump across the water to Ballard for night life and hanging out. There are some high-end restaurants up on Queen Anne, but over the past couple of years there has been a regular cycle of failed retail attempts. That being said, there exists an untapped market. Because there are a lot of affluent families there are also a lot of affluent teenagers but most of the retail on Queen Anne are catered towards their parents.

Ever since Menchie’s opened up about 4 months ago, I have never seen it at anything less than 100% capacity. It perfectly caters to the 15-30 year old crowd that was the untapped Queen Anne market (the SPU students, teenagers of affluent families, Lower Queen Anne spillover), not to mention that it is the only FroYo place in Queen Anne. I guess Frozen yogurt may not ever be as big in Seattle as it is in places where there is more than 35 days of sunlight a year, but it is clearly working well for the time being.

The place must be making a killing. First of all, their FroYo is delicious. I would be happy if I could get a drip line of Pineapple Dole Whip for the rest of my life. Second of all, it’s self serve which means they don’t have to staff the place w/ too many man hours. Every time I go (even on Friday, Saturday nights) they only have 2 people behind the counter. Customers go and fill their cups with yogurt, top it w/ a variety of toppings (some delicious – fresh raspberries, etc. – others unappealing – cocoa pebbles, nerds, etc.) and then put their creations on the scale at the register to pay. I don’t know the average time per order would be, but it has to be no more than 30 seconds.

I haven’t gone into the numbers in too much detail, but if I were to guess, I would bet that the location turned a profit within the first 2 months. (Maybe? Startup fees come in at an estimated $340-400k including a $40k franchise fee. Maybe not …) Heck, they may have turned a profit on me and my wife alone. I hope that whoever decided to open a Menchie’s in that location (it is right next to where the summer farmer’s market is in Queen Anne in the summer, by the way, which means a guaranteed killing every Thursday) gets a medal of honor. And by medal of honor I mean a million dollars in their first year.

Now where did I leave my Smileage card?


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